kaitlin and dan- a seaside affair


I’ve orchestrated a lot of weddings on waterfront properties, but never before had I created a wedding directly in the sand. I underestimated the challenges of walking through the sand, the power of the wind and just how high the rising tide could come. We took all of these things into consideration while planning, and thought we were prepared for worst case scenarios… but the day of the wedding it stormed more powerfully than anyone anticipated. It was a challenging day to overcome the obstacles that were presented to us, but we prevailed and over-came and produced a wedding we’ll always remember.

This client described her wedding vision to me as vintage Moby Dick, with a side of old Hollywood glamour. Defining what that really meant and the designing the perfect details to bring the vision to life was such a fun task. Looking back, I think the stormy day added to the beautiful ambience and helped to create the perfect finishing touch to this wedding. Things have a way of always working out exactly how they are supposed to go. 

Photography: O’Malley Photographers with a few excerpts from KT Merry shot for Martha Stewart Weddings