katie and phil- vintage vogue


Katie and Phil were a dream to work with. Their complete trust in our ability to take their vision and run with it set us free to create this vintage-mod wedding. We were inspired by vintage Vogue, and combined the refinement of 1950’s Dior with the simplicity of Jackie Kennedy’s iconic style to create a design that intersected sophisticated, couture design with modern angles and clean lines. We softened everything up with a touch of classic romantic detailing.

This wedding was simple, yet lush; classic yet modern. Most importantly, it was a reflection of our client  her love of timeless style. There were so many subtle details that could be easy to miss, but I love the intention and confidence behind the understated touches. I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out, and will always be grateful for the experience of working with such an amazing couple.

Photography: Ryan Flynn Photography