How to Marry a Wedding Planner: Custom Dresses

Sometimes I still can’t get a firm grasp on reality when doing things like strolling the streets of Paris wearing a beautiful dress made by my husband. How is that real life? Ever wonder what the process may be like to create a custom dress with the designer and seamster (is that the masculine form of seamstress?) as your fiancé? Here’s a glimpse into my world now that I’m married to a wedding planner…

When Steve and I were engaged and planning our honeymoon in France, we knew we’d want to dress up for nice dinners together as husband and wife. Several months prior to our trip, Steve mentioned that he wanted to make some dresses for me to take with us. (don’t even ask how we packed everything!) For a girl who can barely sew on a button, it was absolutely amazing to see Steve not only sew me a dress, but also design and pattern draft it all himself, too. I mean, the last time I had a dress made for me was probably an early ’90s Easter when I had a home perm. This experience was nothing like that.

There’s something so romantic about having the man you love be inspired by an idea and then choose to spend hours on a project to make you feel beautiful. Here’s the step-by-step process of how the dress came together.

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Welcome to Sinclair & Moore

It was just 2 years ago that Jamie and I found ourselves on a weekend-long blind date in the middle of NYC. I flew from Seattle to NYC where Jamie was living, because a mutual friend was sure we would be perfect for each other. Turns out that our friend was right.

We met… fell in love… moved Jamie out to Washington state… got married… and now work together as a husband and wife team planning, designing and executing beautiful events. We are passionate about what we create, and love that we get to do it together.

We also love traveling, exploring, running, shopping, entertaining, baking and eating cake… pie… cookies… and breakfast in bed. We love beautiful living and distinguished style mixed with peculiar elements that unexpectedly catch our attention. We love to laugh, and spend the majority of our time together doing just that.

This blog is our take on beautiful living and our written journey through marriage, great desserts, beautiful events and the funny, quirky things that make us laugh. We hope you enjoy following along.

These photos are a glimpse into our honeymoon in Paris- Yes… I hired a photographer.   Check out Jamie’s blog post here to see more details about the dress I made her for this trip.

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