our wedding story part 10: behind the scenes


With any wedding, there is always a long to-do list. During our planning, we had several ‘work parties’ with family and friends helping us in the Steven Moore Designs studio.

My parents came up on a Sunday afternoon and helped us assemble our invitation suites. One by one each map was hand watercolored and each vintage stamp was decoratively placed on the boxes. While my dad may have put on a couple stamps upside-down, we were so thankful for their help and the laughs that came out of that project!

Steve had vintage furniture reupholstered in grey velvet for the wedding. These pictures show the before and after picture of the sofa. It’s amazing how new paint, fabric and skilled craftsmanship can transform a piece of furniture.

For our ceremony, we offered pashminas for the ladies to keep warm. Our friends Jess and Emily helped us roll and tie each and every wrap with a bow. Emily and I also worked on all the poms that we attached to our getaway car. Jess and Emily had gotten married just two months before us, so they volunteered to help, as they knew firsthand how many details needed to come together.

I love these photos of Justyse, one of our five flower girls, being fitted for her dress and dancing with her dad. Her father, Henry, was one of Steve’s groomsmen and her mother Bec, made all of the the flower girl dresses along with our friend Cindy Aubert. It was really special having their entire family be part of our wedding.

Erik is Steve’s righthand man, and our wedding would not have happened without the countless hours he put into helping with everything. As you can see from the photos below, he does everything from stand on top of a 30-foot ladder to hang a chandelier, to use a tractor to lift the furniture into the barn. There isn’t anything he isn’t willing to do or help with. His handyman skills, work ethic and loyalty allowed Steve to enjoy the wedding, and actually be my groom. Erik also cleaned everything up after the wedding while Steve and I were on our honeymoon. Steve and I are both so thankful for him.

Steve’s nephew Devon packaged all of the macaron favor boxes. While his family was visiting from New Mexico for the wedding, Devon volunteered a few days in the studio where he worked on favor boxes, prepped roses, made tablecloths, put together babies breath arrangements and helped Steve and the crew load and unload the trucks. Thank you, Devon for all your help and hard work!

The multi-talented Judy Tallant of Tallant House not only made all the macarons for our guest favors, she also constructed and arranged the macaron towers at the dessert and seating area in our reception. I didn’t see her build the towers on our wedding day, but I have seen her build them at other weddings, and it is a lot of work! Each macaron is placed on the chocolate cone one by one and held there until the chocolate hardens the sandwich cookie into its place. Judy, your time and effort made such a statement at our reception, and we’re so thankful.

Each person who helped us in the pre-wedding behind the scenes prep was instrumental in making our special day a huge success. We are so grateful for the hours that were volunteered and the memories that came out of constructing each element.

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