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inspiration; lauren and kelan

People often ask how we get inspired when designing a wedding.  For Lauren and Kelan’s wedding the inspiration started with a bulletin board in a coffee shop.  Lauren had filled it with actual “pins” of the colors, textures and flowers and brought it to our meeting. Although I think she was a bit embarrassed to […]


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Event design is all about finding some form of inspiration, adding your own twist and then creating something fresh, unique and distinctive. The clean lines, simple movement, modern edges, distinctive textures, gentle blossoms and soft femininity of this shoot were loosely inspired by the aesthetic of Japanese culture. A group of attendees from our annual […]

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a chance encounter and a beautiful friendship

Do you ever think about all of the people you pass daily? Who are they? What is their story? What are they going through in life? Where have they been? What are their dreams? How would your life be different if you knew them? What would happen if you stopped and had a simple conversation? […]


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timeless tradition

fresh inspiration

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