Real Wedding: a preview of Jodi

I have spent the last several days going through all of the incredible images Andria Lindquist captured of Jodi, and I am having a really hard time narrowing down which ones to feature on the blog. Jodi is stunning in every photo, her Vera Wang dress feels regal and high fashion, and the bouquet I created for her was likely the largest and heaviest bouquet I have ever made… I’m not kidding- my biceps might have been a little sore from making it.  Today’s post is just a preview of a much, much longer post that is coming later this week.  Make sure to check back.

Sinclair & Moore Jodi 1 Sinclair & Moore Jodi 2 Sinclair & Moore Jodi 3 Sinclair & Moore Jodi 4 Sinclair & Moore Jodi 5 Sinclair & Moore Jodi 6 Sinclair & Moore Jodi 7 Sinclair & Moore Jodi 8 Sinclair & Moore Jodi 9 Sinclair & Moore Jodi 10

Sinclair & Moore Wedding; Lauren and Kelan

Lauren and Kelan.  I liked them from the moment I met them, but I walked away from our first interaction certain I would never hear from them again.  I mean, Jamie wasn’t there, Seattle traffic (and parking) had made me twenty minutes late for our meeting, and… well… honestly, I thought they were just too cool for me. It’s not that they were unapproachable or arrogant, they just had this smooth vibe that is kind of hard to describe. I left that initial interaction feeling like the dork in high school trying to be friends with the popular kids.  But, this dork broke in with the cool kids- and I’m so glad that I did, because Jamie and I had a blast collaborating with them to plan and design their wedding.

I figured out pretty early on (because she clearly told me) that Lauren wasn’t a princess bride who had been day dreaming about her wedding since she was 4 years old.  She is, on the other hand, a no nonsense, no fluff, no unnecessary frills kind of gal, and I loved that about her. She knew what she did and didn’t want, but just needed some help defining and refining her vision.  She wanted her design to look full…but not overdone; she wanted lots of flowers… but didn’t want it to look “floristy”;  she wanted lots of vibrant melon colors… but nothing too bright and tacky; She wanted contemporary detailing… but nothing trendy.  She wanted white linens… with polka dots… they had to have polka dots. She basically wanted it to look DIY, without actually having to do it herself . We worked through every detail until it was perfected-  in both of our eyes.  Her style was a blend of old and new, colorful and muted tones, and detailed simplicity with just a nod to her eclectic, bohemian spirit.  Lauren even got her white polka dot linens.

And Kelan?  Well, he is a great example of a supportive and involved groom that asked the right questions, stated his opinions and ideas (but backed off when they weren’t going to work) and  all along just desired to create a special day for him and his bride.  He also didn’t sport any socks at the wedding- a look that I am a big fan of.

I love this wedding, but even more, I love the people we created it for.  Lauren and Kelan had the time of their lives at their wedding, and there is nothing more rewarding than seeing that joy captured in these photographs by Matthew Land Studios 

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Sinclair & Moore

What a year of changes this has been!

We’ve moved our design studio to a farm, relocated from Bellingham to Seattle and changed our company name from Steven Moore Designs to Sinclair & Moore. These changes called for a rebranding of our company, so we’ve re-designed  the look and feel of our logo, website and blog.  Things should feel simplified, lighter, a bit more feminine and hopefully more playful, approachable and fun!

Although it has been a whirlwind of a year, we couldn’t be more excited or ready for this new season of life and all of the changes that accompany it! We hope you’ll love our new name and look as much as we do, and that you’ll follow along on this adventure.

Welcome to Sinclair & Moore!


Let us know what you think of our new look!

photos: Elizabeth Messina 

styled shoot for: Seattle Met Bride and Groom 

cake: Tallant House