Hadley and Felicia- a chateau wedding

Have you ever had a moment where you actually stopped and pinched yourself to make sure what was happening was actually real life? This wedding was one of those moments for me. Despite the logistical challenges we faced of getting everything (and everyone) over to France, almost missing flights, juggling our two very young (and very jet-lagged) children, and lets not leave out navigating our way through the details of a wedding when you don’t speak the same language as most of your vendors…  despite all of this, I had to pinch myself the day of this wedding, because it truly felt like a dream. It was a dream, and an opportunity of a lifetime that was not lost on me.

Hadley and Felicia communicated their vision to Jamie and myself, and then trusted us to make the magic happen. Felicia is a fashion blogger/ instagramer/ model from Sweden and had exceptional taste so we knew we needed to get the details just right. From the 800 yards of tulle we used to cover the dinner tables to the thousands of stems of flowers… from the foiled hand lettered stationery I hand carried over to France to the wedding cake that my good friends Morgan and Jeremy flew from Seattle to create… this wedding was a labor of love and I’m thrilled to finally share the images.

Planning, Design and Flowers: Sinclair and Moore 

Photography: O’Malley Photographers

Venue: Chateau De Varennes

Stationery: LaHappy

Cake: Midori Balery 

Gown: Vera Wang 

Special thanks to our incredible team that week… Erika, Hally, Breanna, Brie, Lisa, Laeticia, Kalin, Brooke, Erik, Charlie, Chris, Jordan, Austin and Cindy… we couldn’t have pulled this wedding off without all of your commitment and hard work!



Kristi and Todd

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner I thought it would be the perfect time to post a few of the images the O’Malleys captured on Kristi and Todd’s wedding day.  It isn’t often that I work with raspberry reds, corals and shades of pink together, but I loved the combination and how it popped from Kristi’s dress.   We used garden roses, ranunculus, raspberries on the vines, plums on the branches, clematis, dahlias, baptisia and trailing vines. The combination was perfect for a summer celebration, and inspiring for Valentine’s Day.

Sinclair & Moore Todd and Kristi 1 Sinclair & Moore Todd and Kristi 1a Sinclair & Moore Todd and Kristi 1b Sinclair & Moore Todd and Kristi 2 Sinclair & Moore Todd and Kristi 3 Sinclair & Moore Todd and Kristi 4 Sinclair & Moore Todd and Kristi 5 Sinclair & Moore Todd and Kristi 6 Sinclair & Moore Todd and Kristi 7 Sinclair & Moore Todd and Kristi 8 Sinclair & Moore Todd and Kristi 9 Sinclair & Moore Todd and Kristi 10 Sinclair & Moore Todd and Kristi 11 Sinclair & Moore Todd and Kristi 13Sinclair & Moore Todd and Kristi 20

Real Wedding: Lauren and Tim

I hate being late.  For anything.  Especially for anything that involves working with our clients.

Yet somehow every time we met with Lauren, we were somehow late for the meeting.  Despite good intentions, and how early we left our house, we found ourselves late almost every time.

Once we were tardy because we were stuck in an accident related traffic jam.  45 minutes late.

Another time there was a “suspected” hazardous spill, and every major road leading to Lauren was blocked off. I ended up getting out of the car and running a little less than a mile to try and be there on time.  30 minutes late.

Even the week of Lauren’s wedding, the (should-have-been) 10 minute drive to meet with her took close to 45 minutes.  You guessed it.  Late again.

If I had to choose one word to describe Lauren it would be gracious.  She was gracious and understanding every time we were late for a meeting… gracious when a blackberry broke on the bodice of her Vera Wang dress…and she was gracious as she considered every detail that went into her wedding, wanting her guests to feel welcomed, loved, comfortable and blessed.  Lauren is one of the loveliest, calm and sweetest bides I have ever had the opportunity to work with.  Her trust in our work combined with her gentle spirit made the 20 months of planning and designing her wedding a truly wonderful experience.

Lauren and Tim married at Roche Harbor . Their day was captured by Michele M Waite Photography. Stationery from la Happy.  And be sure to watch their awesome video created by our favorite videographer Mitch from Cabfare Productions.

Sinclair & Moore Lauren Tim 1Sinclair & Moore Lauren Tim 27Sinclair & Moore Lauren Tim 2Sinclair & Moore Lauren Tim 3 Sinclair & Moore Lauren Tim 4 Sinclair & Moore Lauren Tim 5Sinclair & Moore Lauren Tim 28Sinclair & Moore Lauren Tim 6 Sinclair & Moore Lauren Tim 7Sinclair & Moore Lauren Tim 9Sinclair & Moore Lauren Tim 8Sinclair & Moore Lauren Tim 10 Sinclair & Moore Lauren Tim 11 Sinclair & Moore Lauren Tim 12 Sinclair & Moore Lauren Tim 13 Sinclair & Moore Lauren Tim 14Sinclair & Moore Lauren Tim 15 Sinclair & Moore Lauren Tim 16 Sinclair & Moore Lauren Tim 17 Sinclair & Moore Lauren Tim 18 Sinclair & Moore Lauren Tim 19 Sinclair & Moore Lauren Tim 20 Sinclair & Moore Lauren Tim 22 Sinclair & Moore Lauren Tim 23Sinclair & Moore Lauren Tim 24 Sinclair & Moore Lauren Tim 25