sinclair-and-moore-gingersnaps-1It doesn’t quite feel like the holiday season until the smell of freshly baked gingersnaps fills our home. This is my favorite recipe I’ve tweaked and perfected over the years. They are quick and simple to make, and can easily be packaged to give to neighbors and friends as a holiday treat. I often make enough dough to keep in my refrigerator so that when guests come over I am always ready to bake fresh cookies. These cookies are crisp on the outside and soft and chewy on the inside and the turbindao sugar gives an extra bit of crunch.

It is a pretty easy recipe to follow, but if baking feels intimidating please use the images below as a guide. Make sure to not over mix your dough to avoid dry cookies. You will also want to play around with baking times depending on how crisp you like your cookies to be; the longer you bake your cookies the crispier they will become. If you want larger cookies than what I have pictured here, just make larger dough balls before baking!

If you are looking for other holiday baking recipes and inspiration, make sure to check out our posts on pie crust, pecan pie, pumpkin pie, apple pie and cinnamon rolls!  sinclair-and-moore-gingersnaps-2 sinclair-and-moore-gingersnaps-3 sinclair-and-moore-gingersnaps-4 sinclair-and-moore-gingersnaps-5 sinclair-and-moore-gingersnaps-6 sinclair-and-moore-gingersnaps-7 sinclair-and-moore-gingersnaps-8 sinclair-and-moore-gingersnaps-9 sinclair-and-moore-gingersnaps-10 sinclair-and-moore-gingersnaps-11 sinclair-and-moore-gingersnaps-12 sinclair-and-moore-gingersnaps-13 sinclair-and-moore-gingersnaps-14 sinclair-and-moore-gingersnaps-15 sinclair-and-moore-gingersnaps-16 sinclair-and-moore-gingersnaps-17 sinclair-and-moore-gingersnaps-18 sinclair-and-moore-gingersnaps-19 sinclair-and-moore-gingersnaps-20 sinclair-and-moore-gingersnaps-21

Photography: Alanna Maria Photography

Calligraphy and recipe design: LaHappy

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Holiday Pie Recipes

I’ve received multiple messages asking about Jamie’s pie recipes, and so we thought we would post a few quick links to her recipes here on our blog to make your holiday baking a bit easier! We’ve enjoyed putting together these pie tutorials and recipes, and have tried to equip our readers with a guide for holiday baking success!  We hope that you enjoy these recipes as much as we do!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Crust Recipe and Tutorial

Pecan Pie Recipe and Tutorial

Pumpkin Pie Recipe and Tutorial

Apple Pie Recipe 

Sinclair and Moore re post pie 1 Sinclair and Moore re post pie 2 Sinclair and Moore re post pie 3 Sinclair and Moore re post pie 4 Sinclair and Moore re post pie 5 Sinclair and Moore re post pie 6 Sinclair and Moore re post pie 8 SSinclair and Moore re post pie 7

Browned-Butter Pecan Pie

Steve and I recently moved into our new home. With our first baby’s arrival rapidly approaching, we needed a larger space than our 663 square feet. We didn’t have a ton of time to move as we were still in the thick of our busy wedding season. It was a whirlwind of scrambling to pack everything up, unloading into the new house and then returning our focus back on finishing our weddings for the year. We spent the next month living out of boxes, digging through messes every day and struggling to remember and find where we had put our shoes. The shoe thing seemed to cause a lot of frustration in this house the first few weeks.

Sinclair & Moore Pecan Pie 1 Sinclair & Moore Pecan Pie 2 Sinclair & Moore Pecan Pie 3Sinclair & Moore Pecan Pie 4

It’s only been in the last few days that we have had the time to finish unpacking boxes, paint a few rooms, hang photos on the walls and feel more settled here. I think what really made this house feel like our home was when we fired up the oven for the first time to bake. There’s nothing better than the scent of baking cookies, cake, or pie permeating each room. We still have more walls to paint, boxes to unpack and a nursery to finish setting up, but for one day we hit the pause button, got cozy and enjoyed the smell and taste of browned-butter pecan pie.

Sinclair & Moore Pecan Pie 5 Sinclair & Moore Pecan Pie 6 Sinclair & Moore Pecan Pie 7 Sinclair & Moore Pecan Pie 8 Sinclair & Moore Pecan Pie 9 Sinclair & Moore Pecan Pie 10 Sinclair & Moore Pecan Pie 11 Sinclair & Moore Pecan Pie 12

This pie is one of my favorites to make. It’s beautiful, tasty and relatively easy for any pie baker. It was actually one of the first pies I ever made. My personal problem with Thanksgiving baking is that I tend to underestimate how much work and how long everything will take me, thinking I can make all the pastry, prep the fillings and bake multiple varieties of pie in just a few hours. Luckily, the browned-butter pecan pie is always one that I tend to fall back on when I start to get tired and just need something a bit more simple.

Sinclair & Moore Pecan Pie 13 Sinclair & Moore Pecan Pie 14Sinclair & Moore Pecan Pie 15 Sinclair & Moore Pecan Pie 16 Sinclair & Moore Pecan Pie 17

The pie can be made in any kind of pie plate. I’ve been experimenting with tart pans and quiche pans lately, too. The nice thing about using a tart pan is that there’s no need to decorate or really do much of anything with the crust’s edges. The pastry can simply be sculpted into the pan, flush to the edge and trimmed right off. A gentle roll over with a rolling pin gives a nice quick and easy trim to the edge of the tart pan.

Sinclair & Moore Pecan Pie 18 Sinclair & Moore Pecan Pie 19 Sinclair & Moore Pecan Pie 20 Sinclair & Moore Pecan Pie 21 Sinclair & Moore Pecan Pie 22 Sinclair & Moore Pecan Pie 23 Sinclair & Moore Pecan Pie 24 Sinclair & Moore Pecan Pie 25 Sinclair & Moore Pecan Pie 26

I like to decorate the top of my pie with pecan halves to give it a finished look. Before I do anything with this pie, I usually start the preparation by sorting through my pecans to pull out the most perfect looking ones and keep them on reserve for the top. When placing the pecans, be sure to put them nice and close together, and almost overlapping as they shift a bit during the time in the oven.

Sinclair & Moore Pecan Pie 27 Sinclair & Moore Pecan Pie 28 Sinclair & Moore Pecan Pie 29 Sinclair & Moore Pecan Pie 30

Now it’s time for me to get back in the kitchen and get moving on my Thanksgiving baking for tomorrow, so I’m not up all night. Happy Thanksgiving and I hope you enjoy my favorite pecan pie recipe!

Sinclair & Moore Pecan Pie 31

Browned-Butter Pecan Pie Recipe

Download and print our recipe for Browned-Butter Pecan Pie and Perfect Pie Dough

Photography:  Matthew Land Studios 

Recipe Card and Calligraphy: Libby Tipton