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New Year’s Eve and Valentine’s Day are two holidays that can easily turn into big letdowns. Both holidays often lead to disappointment when hopes are unfulfilled with unmet expectations.  Jamie and I have decided that these holidays (and every day for that matter) will be what we decide to make them. So this year we […]


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red velvet cake


I think Valentine’s Day was my favorite holiday as a kid, mostly because of the homemade treats my mother baked to make the day special. She would make dozens and dozens of huge, heart shaped sugar cookies and then carefully ice each one with bright pink frosting. She would then finish each cookie by personalizing […]

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valentine’s day treats + cocktail recipe

Every Valentine’s Day while we were dating, engaged and now in our marriage, it’s been a little tradition for me to create some sort of heart-shaped treat for Steve. I love taking some of our favorite things and giving them a special Valentine’s Day makeover twist. In the past I’ve make heart-shaped personal pizzas, mini […]


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