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It was just 2 years ago that Jamie and I found ourselves on a weekend-long blind date in the middle of NYC. I flew from Seattle to NYC where Jamie was living, because a mutual friend was sure we would be perfect for each other. Turns out that our friend was right.

We met… fell in love… moved Jamie out to Washington state… got married… and now work together as a husband and wife team planning, designing and executing beautiful events. We are passionate about what we create, and love that we get to do it together.

We also love traveling, exploring, running, shopping, entertaining, baking and eating cake… pie… cookies… and breakfast in bed. We love beautiful living and distinguished style mixed with peculiar elements that unexpectedly catch our attention. We love to laugh, and spend the majority of our time together doing just that.

This blog is our take on beautiful living and our written journey through marriage, great desserts, beautiful events and the funny, quirky things that make us laugh. We hope you enjoy following along.

These photos are a glimpse into our honeymoon in Paris- Yes… I hired a photographer.   Check out Jamie’s blog post here to see more details about the dress I made her for this trip.

Photographs were taken by Caught the Light on our honeymoon in Paris.

  1. misha says:

    beautiful: every. single. one.
    can’t wait to see how this new blog unfolds!

  2. That dress! Such romantic photos. What a good idea to get a photoshoot done on your honeymoon.
    Excited to follow the new blog!

  3. Katie Hanchinamani says:

    this is too much! How fun to do a photo shoot on your honeymoon!! You guys are AWESOME!!!!! What an exciting amazing adventure! God Bless!

  4. India says:

    This is so beautiful. I smiled so big as I looked at every single picture. When i first saw your dresses i loved them I no idea your husband made these for you. What a luck girl you are!! and what a lucky guy he is to have you 🙂 Best of luck

  5. I absolutely love this!! You make a beautiful couple, and hearing the details from Steve makes it all the more amazing! Wow, Jamie, you are movie star phenomenal! Steve, you’re not so bad yourself. :);) I do love Laduree and all it’s goodness. Congrats to your 1 year anniversary!!

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