our wedding story part 5: cocktail hour


While our guests headed to cocktail hour, Jamie and I took a few more photos, taking advantage of the beautiful light as the sun was setting. I remember feeling so giddy during these photos, as I kept thinking to myself “I’m married!!”

It was also great to have a few pictures taken with Jamie in her veil. Jamie’s veil was so special because her mother, Gail, and Aunt Dianne sewed it together the day before the wedding. I had run out of time, and had given up on that detail. They saved the day and sewed the lace trim by hand, stitch by stitch. It was a pretty long veil, and I knew it would take countless hours to finish. It made such a difference than just a simple cut edge and we were so thankful for the time they were willing to put into that detail.

We held our cocktail reception in a vaulted tent. We kept the decor very minimal, and limited it to a section of vintage soft seating, a chandelier from the 1920’s and a makeshift table crafted from two wine barrels and an old door. We used cheese wheels to create a centerpiece that modeled a wedding cake. Babies breath and silver vessels were used to tie in the the rest of our design.

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