our wedding story part 6: the reception


Although Jamie and I created the style of our wedding together as we talked through every detail, she didn’t actually see it all put together until moments before this photo was taken. Although I had done my best to describe everything that was in my head, I also wanted to surprise my bride with the most amazing reception she had ever seen. I was so excited to take her into the barn on the day of our wedding, so she could experience the details we crafted over our 10 month engagement.

Transforming the barn from a church meeting and gymnasium to a room fit for a reception was a huge undertaking. We covered the basketball court with carpet, draped the walls with fabric and hung crystal chandeliers. We wanted our reception design to be classic and elegant, yet still simple and approachable so our guests would feel comfortable. We wanted to infuse our love for the French culture into the details, in addition to including subtle harvest elements since we were getting married in autumn.   We loved the community feel of long banquet tables, and made an ombré table cloth for each row with 20 layers of tulle. We filled the long tables with bread custom made with our monogram, names and wedding date, along with decorative dinner rolls, simple mixed flower arrangements, large clumps of babies breath, candles in crystal holders and oversized favor boxes filled with a dozen macarons for each guest. The stationery was created by hand on simple kraft paper. It took an entire week to make this transformation happen, but I wouldn’t change a single element of it.

We had vintage furniture reupholstered in grey velvet. The tables were given to us by Jamie’s parents and we spray painted them white for the wedding. We surrounded the soft seating with cakes made by Jamie’s mother, cookies made by my mother and Jamie’s father and cheesecakes baked by Jamie’s grandmother. It was so special for us to have desserts made by our families and we are so thankful for their contributions. The macaron towers were made by my good friend and colleague Judy Tallant of Tallant House. Our four-tiered cake was created by Bonnie of New Renaissance Cakes.

Our guest, Lynne Baron, had a milestone birthday the day of our wedding. I felt so honored that she still attended. I had a small birthday cake and card waiting for her at her seat. Lynne has played an instrumental role in my life as a design mentor and amazing friend who helped open so many doors for me and my business. I was so glad we had the opportunity to honor her on her birthday.

Walking into the reception after being introduced as Mr. and Mrs. Steven Moore felt like a really really good dream. Seeing all of the people we loved the most in a beautiful setting lit by abundant candlelight is a moment I will never forget.

The toasting at our wedding was really special for us, and some of our favorite memories of the day. Jamie’s dad welcomed me into the family, my best man honored me with encouraging words and Jamie’s sister wrote a poem that made us laugh so hard as she pointed out some of the more quirky elements of my personality. (Julie- I still laugh out loud when I think about your witty and cleverly written gift to us). Other friends gave tribute to us as well, and we were filled with so much encouragement and felt so loved.

I ended the toasts with a toast to my new bride, telling her of my love for her and affirming her as I articulated the attributes that I loved most about her. These photos taken of Jamie in that moment are some of my favorite  photos from our wedding.

We ended the night with floating lanterns. Jamie’s mother had done this in Thailand, and suggested that we use the lanterns to close our reception. It was such an amazing idea, and the perfect cap to an incredible day. Jamie and I sent the last lantern off, said our final goodbyes and drove away as husband and wife.

I remember stopping Jamie in the reception and telling her that it all felt like a dream, and that I couldn’t possibly have asked for anything more. We will always be so thankful to Jamie’s parents for the gift of our wedding, and making it possible to have such an amazing day. Thank you Jeff and Gail.

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    Could you tell me how you made the table cloths?

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