our wedding story


There is a bookshelf in my office that contains every single issue of Martha Stewart Weddings magazine. I have to admit that I am a fan. I anxiously await each new issue that comes out… I purchase it quickly, carefully look through every page,  and then I place it on the shelf where it rests with my collection that dates back to its 1995 origin. Since the magazine’s conception, I have been inspired by the fresh new color palettes, artistic cakes, perfectly arranged flowers, trendsetting ideas and of course the section that contains images from real weddings.

The “Real Weddings” section has probably shaped and influenced my design aesthetic more than anything else. You see, it was within these pages filled with immaculate, cleverly executed details created for an actual wedding (and not just a photo shoot) where I began to learn that a celebration can truly be a work of art and a clear reflection of a couples’ individual style.

I have studied every detail in each issue, but it wasn’t until Jamie and I were featured in the current issue that I realized every “Real Weddings” section is a real couple…with a real love and a real story.

Jamie and I haven’t been able to share our story and the details of our wedding due to the rights that were given over to Martha Stewart Weddings. Now that our holding time is over, we are excited to share our wedding story with you. Hope you check back in and follow along.

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