a new season


Steve came home from the flower market one morning with a box packed full of these grey/blue pumpkins. He was feeling especially in the autumn spirit, and now our home has a nice collection of pumpkins.

pumpkin 1Then a couple days later, I opened up the trunk of his car and there were a few more rolling around in there! I’m pretty sure he planned to sneak them into our tiny apartment without me somehow knowing. I think he’s obsessed, or just really excited for the fall.pumpkin 2 pumpkin 3It’s hard to believe it’s really fall already. Here in Seattle, we had a brutal arrival of the new season. It seemed like as soon as the first day of autumn arrived on the calendar, we received an intense downpour and some of the craziest windy days. I’m not complaining though, because  fall for us means our busy summer wedding season slows down and we get some downtime to enjoy the season’s pumpkin spice lattes, our anniversary, beautiful colors and essentially start feeling ‘normal’ again.pumpkin 4pumpkin 5In this new season, Steve and I have been talking about setting goals. Both business goals and personal goals. One of my personal goals is to cook more (or at least try to figure out how to cook). More importantly, our biggest goal and most neglected part of our business is our blog. We really want to be more intentional about writing and sharing our work and life together as a husband and wife team. So be on the lookout, there will be more posts coming!


Photo credit Matthew Land Studios

  1. juliemasterson says:

    Hi! I just found your blog through Pinterest! And I’m in love! Please write more posts and show lots of pictures:) I’m loving these pumpkin shots too! Were these taken in your home? beautiful! Happy fall!

    • Steven Moore says:

      Hi Julie! Thanks so much for your support and enthusiasm. We are planning to be writing much more regularly and trying to update the blog as often as possible. We have been quite busy with wedding season, but are hoping to really build up our blog. So check back and hopefully you will be seeing more. And yes, these pumpkin shots were taken in our home. So glad you like the images!

  2. Mandi Brady says:

    How wonderful – still natural and elegant. I look forward to reading more blog posts soon!

  3. monica says:

    Love your elegant display of pumpkins and chalkboard. I have pinned one and thank you for blogging.

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