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Over the weekend, Steve and I attended a friends’ Thanksgiving dinner party. As we were enjoying dessert, the party hostess reminded me of the time in college when we ate an entire pumpkin pie together in one sitting. We cut a line down the middle and polished off the entire thing straight out of the pan.

As she and I laughed about the memory, Steve didn’t even raise an eyebrow. He assessed the pumpkin pie that was sitting on the table and responded with, “half a pie really isn’t that much.” Clearly he and I are well-matched in our love for dessert.

Sinclair and Moore pumpkin pie 1 Sinclair and Moore pumpkin pie 2 Sinclair and Moore pumpkin pie 4Sinclair and Moore pumpkin pie 3

Before we met in person, Steve gave just one request when coming to visit me in New York City for the first time.

“My one demand is that I get some really really amazing dessert. After each meal. Every meal. I have the biggest sweet tooth and could survive on dessert alone. I’m not even joking.”

In getting to know him better, he sure was a man of his word from the start. This guy loves his dessert.

Sinclair and Moore pumpkin pie 7Sinclair and Moore pumpkin pie 5 Sinclair and Moore pumpkin pie 6Sinclair and Moore pumpkin pie 15Sinclair and Moore pumpkin pie  9

As our relationship has grown, dessert has always been a big part of it. When we were engaged and Steve worked long and late hours prepping for weddings, I’d bring over some dessert and help clean up the studio to say I care about you. For his birthday month, I welcome October with a ‘Stevetober’ pie to say I celebrate you. And when we have had disagreements in the past, dessert made appearances as a peace offering to say I’m sorry.

Sinclair and Moore pumpkin pie 13 Sinclair and Moore pumpkin pie  10

But most often, our dessert time is what we most look forward to after a long day. While we may not end every meal with dessert as Steve first requested, we typically do end our days sharing some kind of treat that says I love you.

Sinclair and Moore pumpkin pie  8Sinclair and Moore pumpkin pie  12

Check back later this week for the recipe for my fresh pumpkin- pumpkin pie.


Photo credit: Matthew Land Studios

  1. Lisa says:

    Jamie, this post makes me smile! Such a lovely tribute to your love for each other…and your love of desserts! 🙂

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