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Sunday night was an amazing evening for Seattle.  The Space Needle was lit up with green and blue lights, and the top boasted an enormous flag with the number 12 right in the middle.  The streets were filled, horns were honking, fireworks were being lit and people were screaming with joy.  Our team had won the Super Bowl, and there was much to celebrate.

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The last time I watched a Super Bowl, I was ten years old.  I rooted for the Broncos because my brother told me too.  I didn’t know what was going on, so I wore my Broncos t-shirt and hat, cheered when my brother cheered and ate the snacks our mom had prepared for us.  I might not have been a football fan, but I loved that day.  It made me feel close to my brother and united by our excitement for the day.

Sinclair & Moore Seahawks 3

That same sense of unity has been all over Seattle the past few weeks.  Everyone has been wearing Seahawks paraphernalia.  Store windows and doors were marked with a number 12 and decorated with green and blue. Planes have been flying overhead with large flags.  People felt connected by their common desire to see the Seahawks win, and even strangers would offer friendly waves and join in conversations with each other.  There has been a new sense of hope and purpose.  The city has seemed happier and full of life.  It has felt healthy and refreshing, and the essence of what true community is about has been displayed.

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The energy was even infectious enough to get Jamie and I excited for the game.  We aren’t huge football fans but we do love to bake, and so we showed our support in our own special way.

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Although my knowledge of football hasn’t changed since my last Super Bowl experience 24 years ago, I sure knew better than to root for the Broncos this time.   Even though we might be what they call a “band wagon fan”, it has been fun to be part of something bigger than ourselves, and take pride in our city and what our team accomplished.   I hope the pride, energy, unity and hope  that has filled the Seattle air, doesn’t quickly dissipate, and that people can retain some of the joy and sense of community we have all felt.

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Congratulations Seahawks on an amazing and well deserved win!


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