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I was advised by multiple people not to invest the time or money into a nursery, because our baby would never know the difference.  Three months into being a father, I can honestly say I’m so glad I ignored the opinions of those people, and I am so thankful we created a space that is just for our baby.  Putting Grey’s nursery together was one of my ways of bonding with our baby before he was born… preparing his room helped me to prepare my heart.  As I painted the walls and hung the drapes I wondered about our child growing within Jamie, day dreamed about who our child would become, and prayed I would be the kind of father our little one deserved. Before Grey ever entered the world, this room was waiting for him and it was filled with hope, peace, purpose and love.

Our nursery is one of our favorite rooms in our home.  The sun streaming in makes the room light and airy, and it just feels like an oasis from the busy world where we can watch Grey roll on the floor, read to him, change those dirty diapers and once he is just a bit older, this room is where we will lay him down to sleep.

Jamie and I worked together on every detail of this room, and had so much fun spending the last part of her pregnancy collaborating together on making it special. Here is a little glimpse into the world we created for Grey.

Sinclair & Moore nursery 1 Sinclair & Moore nursery 3 Sinclair & Moore nursery 4 Sinclair & Moore nursery 5 Sinclair & Moore nursery 6 Sinclair & Moore nursery 7 Sinclair & Moore nursery 8 Sinclair & Moore nursery 9 Sinclair & Moore nursery 10 Sinclair & Moore nursery 11 Sinclair & Moore nursery 12 Sinclair & Moore nursery 13 Sinclair & Moore nursery 14 Sinclair & Moore nursery 15 Sinclair & Moore nursery 16 Sinclair & Moore nursery 17 Sinclair & Moore nursery 18 Sinclair & Moore nursery 19 Sinclair & Moore nursery 20 Sinclair & Moore nursery 21 Sinclair & Moore nursery 22 Sinclair & Moore nursery 23 Sinclair & Moore nursery 24 Sinclair & Moore nursery 25 Sinclair & Moore nursery 26 Sinclair & Moore nursery 27 Sinclair & Moore nursery 28 Sinclair & Moore nursery 29 Sinclair & Moore nursery 30 Sinclair & Moore nursery 31 Sinclair & Moore nursery 32 Sinclair & Moore nursery 33 Sinclair & Moore nursery 34 Sinclair & Moore nursery 35 Sinclair & Moore nursery 36 Sinclair & Moore nursery 37 Sinclair & Moore nursery 38

photography:  Matthew Land Studios

paint color: Glidden ‘Smooth Stone’ (we had the store lightened this color by 50%)

rocker: Nursery Works Empire Rocker 

drapery rods: Home Depot 

curtains: Ikea

crochet blanket and polka dot pillow: Pottery Barn (this is a different blanket, the one we purchased is sold out)

crib, bedding, rug, elephant, giraff, pouf, mounted animal heads, changing table: RH Baby and Child

lamp: Target

custom painted animal artwork: Christiana Hauser

  1. Brittany Wright says:

    Such a lovely space! The two of you are so talented! I was wondering if you could please share the source of the sweet little clouds? All the best from British Columbia, Canada! Britt

  2. Amanda Wallick says:

    What a beautiful, calming room! Do you mind sharing where you found the chandelier?

    • Steven Moore says:

      Thank you Amanda! it feels really calming to us when we are in the room with Grey. The chandelier was actually in the house when we moved in. It is just an inexpensive brass chandelier you can find at a second hand store that was spray painted white!

      • Amanda Wallick says:

        I thought it might be, but I wanted to make sure. Thanks for replying! I love seeing how you, Jamie, and Grey love each other! The world needs more families like yours!

  3. Ashley says:

    It’d be so wonderful if you posted for the other rooms of your house! I’d love to hear more details about the decor in your living and dining room, for example!

    • Steven Moore says:

      Hi Ashley! I know… we really have planned on doing the other rooms in the house. Between having a new baby and running a business and keeping p with everything else, it’s so tough to keep up with the blog and post as often as we would like. Hopefully we can get to that soon!

  4. Mandi Brady says:

    Beautiful space. So calming, most certainly a space where you’d like to spend your time cuddling.

  5. Noelle says:

    Love the soft gray paint color. Do you mind sharing the brand and color name?

    • Steven Moore says:

      Hi Noelle,

      All of the credits for everything are listed above at the end of the blog post. You can find the paint color listed there!

  6. Massey says:

    Can you tell me if the rocker is comfortable or not. I see other reviews that are not great but i still love the look.

  7. Kristin says:

    The navy crib blanket, was that also RH Baby? I just love your nursery design, i found this on pinterest and ordered the animal heads the next day. Your son’s room is beautiful!

  8. Massey says:

    Can you tell me if the chair is comfortable. I love the look and the price but have been reading reviews on how uncomfortable and disappointed people have been with the Empire Rocker.

  9. Massey says:

    Have you enjoyed the Empire Rocker. I have been reading negative reviews but I still love the look and am curious of your feedback. Thanks

  10. Massey says:

    Such a great nursery. Can you tell me how the rocker sits? Have you enjoyed it?

    • Steven Moore says:

      Hello! We love the rocker. It is very comfortable, and Jamie spends quite a bit of time with Grey every day sitting in the rocker. Comfort is different for each person, so you likely just need to try it for yourself. Best of luck to you!

  11. Lindsay says:

    I absolutely love this nursery! Where did you purchase the ladder like shelving where you have the stuffed animals, wood blocks and candles?

  12. Amanda Azarpour says:

    Are the animal mounted heads ivory or white? I only see ivory on the site. I’m obsessed! 🙂

  13. Julie says:

    This nursery is pure perfection!! I am so inspired by it :). How did you get the G painted so perfectly? Did you use a stencil? Thanks!

  14. Jennifer says:

    I came across your nursery on Pinterest and I LOVE it!!! I was curious as to where you got the clouds you put up in the nursery? Are those painted on? hand made? Purchased? and if so where? Congrats on the new bundle of joy!

  15. Jess says:

    I love the pouf you have. Did you get the small or large pouf? I’m not sure what size would fit best. The small looks like it would fit our fit by our glider but I thought I’d ask. Also where did you get your rug? Thanks so much! Love your sweet nursery!

  16. danielle says:

    I love the custom paintings. Does Christiana Hauser sell them?

    • Steven Moore says:

      Hi Danielle! Aren’t her paintings amazing? She doesn’t sell them in a store, but if you message her through her instagram account, I bet she would sell something to you on the side!

  17. Steven Moore says:

    Hello! Thanks for your kind words! That is the rug that e purchased! Looks like it is on final sail right now. The rug you see in our room is Ivory color. We love it. We used a rug pad because it helps for it not slip around on the hard wood floor, but if you are putting it on carpet, then I think you would be fine without the rug pad!

  18. Shanna says:

    I love how light and peaceful this room is! You guys did an amazing job of putting it together! Would you mind telling me if the pouf is the large or the small? Thanks in advance!

  19. Karli Anderson says:

    This nursery is just adorable! Yall did such a wonderful job. I would love to know where the alphabet blocks were from?

  20. angelique besong says:

    love this nursery! can you tell me where you purchased your white ladder shelf ?

  21. Melissa says:

    Hi! This is such a delicate nursery. I have gotten several ideas from your post for our babies nursery but merging it in with some Peter Pan neautral storybook elements. I went ahead and bought the curtain rods you suggested from Home Depot under your links, but we noticed they are very long. Did you happen to cut those yourself to make them fit snug in your window?

    Thank you

    • Steven Moore says:

      Hi Melissa! Thank you! I bet your Peter Pan twist will be so cool! Congrats on your little one! Regarding the curtain rod, yes, we did have to have them cut down. We just used a simple hand saw and then drilled a new hole in the end for the end cap to screw into! Hope this helps!

      • Melissa says:

        Yes!! You guys are awesome In Replying. Thank you so much. I’ll get to that project ASAP this weekend.

        • Steven Moore says:

          Best of luck to you!! I hope it turns out well! E-mail us a pic of the completed project! I would love to see!

  22. Lauren Jones says:

    Love this nursery! Can you share which color of the organic linen crib bedding you have? Linen or flax? Thanks so much!

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