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A few days before Thanksgiving, we tested out some recipes for the real day, and did a quick shoot with our sister-in-law, Alanna. The funny thing is, the actual day did not quite go as we had anticipated. We hosted Steve’s family (most I hadn’t met before!) and unfortunately Grey was completely overstimulated, so while I dealt with him, Steve did all of the cooking from 5am-5pm. It was pretty incredible he pulled off the entire meal by himself!

While it wasn’t exactly the Thanksgiving we had imagined it would be, this is our first holiday season in our home and was our first major holiday hosting, so that alone made it special for us.  Last year at this time we were on pins and needles waiting for updates on the closing of our house. It was a tough season for us waiting and hoping it would all work out. We couldn’t be more grateful and thankful for our home and healthy, growing family and are so eager to now start decorating for Christmas and continue enjoying this season! We hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving with family and friends and created special memories.


photography: Alanna Maria Photography