Through the Eyes of an Attendee

One of our greatest joys from hosting workshops is the people we have gotten to know over the years. I never imagined that so many diverse people would be drawn to our studio and what we do, but our studio has been filled with people from around the world and from every walk of life. They bring their unique stories, personalities, dreams, hopes, fears, insecurities and talents with them and they leave a lasting impact on me. Our intersecting journeys have enriched my life more than I could possibly put into words.

Steph Wall, the creative force behind Wallflower Studio, is one of these past attendees who has left a deep and lasting impression on me. She originally applied for a scholarship (which she didn’t get- sorry Steph) but then decided to make the investment to still come. She flew all the way from Australia to be part of our workshop. I’m humbled and blown away anytime someone chooses to come that type of distance to be with us. The workshop had a deep impact on her life, and she was generous enough to share her experience with us.


“This June I flew to the US to attend the Sinclair and Moore Real Wedding Workshop in Seattle. Turning up on the first day I was honestly so nervous! This had been on my bucket list for so long, and now it was actually happening! There aren’t really adequate words to describe the surreal feeling of actually walking into that iconic workshop space for the first time. I held back tears and I couldn’t believe that I was really there! I made sure I took a moment to be still and present and soak it all in, but honestly, once I saw all the incredible flowers waiting for us I couldn’t stop grinning!

There was a real energy shift as soon as Steve arrived and the nerves really kicked in for me. After opening the most beautiful welcome gift boxes (seriously, the MOST beautiful!) Steve really encouraged us to be totally open and vulnerable and share our stories, our dreams and our struggles. This proved to be so pivotal for me as someone who has a tough time being vulnerable, I suddenly realised that I connected with and related to every other attendee there. All the nerves I had been feeling immediately fell away and there was almost a sense of family between this group of us that had only just met.

The immaculate Sinclair and Moore Instagram feed of perfect weddings and that beautiful family really don’t let you see how openly candid, authentic and hilarious Steve is. Our conversations felt more like I was chatting to an old friend, not this guy that I had followed and admired from afar for so many years. His approach to his business, his clients and even his competition is completely refreshing, enlightening and completely inspiring as well. Getting the opportunity to work on a real wedding is so unique as far as workshops go and having an abundance of beautiful flowers at our disposal was not lost on any of us. The end results were so incredibly beautiful that we all cried when the Bride arrived!

The workshop not only taught me some excellent new practical skills but it taught me so much about myself. That was something I was not expecting and it opened up so much for me personally, it has been truly life changing and the flow on effect from that has been so incredible and so surprising in the most excellent way. For anyone who might be sitting on the fence and not sure if it will be worth investing the money in a Sinclair and Moore workshop, I can tell you honesty that I would do it again in a heartbeat, without a second of hesitation. It’s true that investing in yourself is so important. Attending the workshop changed everything for me and I am so grateful. I left with a new group of international friends, a new sense of purpose, feeling reenergised and inspired to drive my business forward. “

Thanks Steph for taking the time to write about your experience!

Since that workshop Steph attended 5 months ago, she has flown back to the United States twice to continue learning from us and working in the studio on some of our major weddings. She has become a dear friend that we consider part of our family. Like I said at the start of this blog post… the connections that we have made with people is absolutely the biggest highlight and greatest joy of hosting these workshop.

We hope to meet you, welcome you into our studio, hear your story and get to know you this year at one of our workshops! Registration launched yesterday and the courses are starting to fill up! Make sure to snag a seat! Early bird pricing and payment plans available! Click here to check out all of the details!

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The heart behind our Workshops

We are about to open registration for our 5th season of the Sinclair & Moore Workshop. Our fifth season!! How can that be?! It seems like yesterday I was opening registration for our first season.Can I be honest? I was terrified that first year we decided to offer workshops. Terrified of the unchartered waters. Terrified that people wouldn’t come. Terrified that people would come… because then what? I remember wondering:

“Who do I think I am?”

“Am I qualified to do this?”

“Do I have anything worth teaching?”

“Why would anyone even want to come?” I had my tech support make the registration go live for that first workshop the night before I had promoted it would go live, just so it was ready to go in the morning in case anyone actually wanted to register. I then e-mailed several friends asking them if they would consider coming to the workshop as a guest just to fill seats so I wouldn’t look like a complete failure. I panicked, said a little prayer, kissed my wife and our four-week-old baby Grey goodnight, and then went to sleep. The next morning I didn’t even want to open my computer or check the e-mails on my phone. “Had anyone registered?” I desperately wondered. If I were to open my computer to discover no registrations had come through, I thought it would have meant I had failed. It would have meant that all my self doubt was accurate. By holding out on looking, I held on to the little bit of hope that I was still clinging to. You see… I had a dream. I had a dream of creating a safe space; an intimate space where people could come and slow down, rest, learn, hope and dream. I dreamed of creating a place of beauty where flowers were in abundance… a place of education….a place to be listened to, heard and understood…. a place to find community… a place to feel restored. To be honest, I had a dream of creating something that would generate a bit more revenue for my family so that we could take on a few less weddings and enjoy more family time with our new little baby.

There was a lot riding on opening my computer the morning registration went live for our first workshop; professionally, personally and emotionally. The thing about having a dream is that they make you vulnerable and exposed and forced to take all kinds of risks if you actually pursue it. The other things about dreams? If you push through all of the fear and mess that is created in the pursuit, what comes out the other side can be really beautiful. Sometimes still messy, and often times re-defined from the original dream, but usually more beautiful than you could have ever imagined. So what happened that first morning of registration? I finally opened up my computer to find that people had believed in the beauty of my dream. I discovered that the vision I casted resonated with others and drew them in. I was overwhelmed that people wanted to come to our studio and be a part of what we were doing. I was reminded of the power of dreaming, taking a risk and putting that dream out in the world and just seeing what happens. That first workshop we offered was nearly sold out on that first day of registration and so we offered another one, and then another one, and then another one… and people have kept coming. We have welcomed people into our studio from China, Japan, Korea, Australia, Africa, Indonesia, India, Singapore, France, England, Mexico, Canada and from all 50 states. These are people that have believed in my dreams, and shared theirs with me. People who have wanted to start a business, grow a business, save a business, explore having a business and others who just wanted to come for fun and learn a new craft. These are people that understand the importance of bringing beauty into our world that is often times a little dark. Sometimes, these are people who have just wanted to play with flowers and check out our studio. The reasons for coming have been as diverse as the people who have attended, but the outcome of leaving with new skills, supportive friendships, and a sense of purpose and direction has been the same. To teach, encourage, inspire and empower… this has always been the heart behind our workshops and will continue to be the purpose and passion behind what we do. We hope that you’ll join us and be part of the magic that happens within the walls of our studio. Registration officially opens Monday November 19th, but if you are on our site the evening before you might find that the registration links have gone live a little early.

You can find more information on our 2019 workshops, including dates and important details here: Sinclair and Moore Workshops 

We can’t wait to welcome you into our studio. 

UPDATE: Congratulations to our 2019 scholarship recipients!

Brittney @bkfloralandevent

Angeline @flowerrussh

Adrienne @heartscontentevents

Erin  @bloom.scout

We’ll be in touch with more information! Thank you to everyone for sharing your story with us, and wanting to be part of what we are doing in our studio. It truly means more than you know. I wish more than anything I could give a scholarship to each of you.

photo credit: Ryan Flynn Photography



In a few short days we will be launching our 2019 workshop season, and we are so excited to be welcoming a new year of students into our studio. We know that not everyone can afford the expense of the workshop and we want to help a few people have the opportunity to come so that they can pursue their talents, passions and dreams. We give scholarships because we know that we are where we are today because of the people who have believed in our dreams and generously helped us along our journey. It’s our way of giving back and helping others get to where they dream of being.

To submit for a scholarship, please look for this image on our Instagram feed and follow the instructions! Looking forward to reading your submissions!

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