Our Wedding Story part 2: Gifts

Steve has always been an incredible gift-giver. He’s the type of person who hears potential gift ideas in conversation and then stores them away for the right opportunity to give the perfect gift.

Even before he and I ever met in person, he had flowers delivered to my desk in New York City. And all throughout our dating relationship and engagement, he always had the most special gifts for me. I knew that he would definitely be going big on our wedding day, and boy was I right.

I’ll always remember seeing the stack of Kraft paper boxes tied up with grey ribbon that he put together for me.

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Our Wedding Story part 6: the reception

Although Jamie and I created the style of our wedding together as we talked through every detail, she didn’t actually see it all put together until moments before this photo was taken. Although I had done my best to describe everything that was in my head, I also wanted to surprise my bride with the most amazing reception she had ever seen. I was so excited to take her into the barn on the day of our wedding, so she could experience the details we crafted over our 10 month engagement.

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