Our Wedding Story part 3: our portraits

Walking out to see Jamie for the first time on the day of our wedding, I became completely overwhelmed with emotions.  I had been so busy finishing up the flowers, setting up the ceremony and reception and then getting ready, that I had not had a chance to fully just stop and take in the fact that this was actually my own wedding.

Jamie was worried throughout all of the planning that I would be so busy and stressed the day of our wedding, or too drained and tired to really enjoy being a groom.  I remember Jamie telling me she would be devastated if that happened.  So, as I walked to see her the first time, feeling frazzled and overwhelmed with emotion, I began to panic and worry that Jamie’s worst fears for our wedding day had come true.

But as I heard the crinoline beneath her dress rustling as she walked closer to me, I started to be at ease.  Then, the second Jamie grabbed my hand and I turned and saw her, my anxiety, fear and stress disappeared, and I was overwhelmed with joy and an indescribable happiness.  This peace came over me, as I knew I was marrying the right person if just the touch of her hand could put me at rest.

This next blog post is our portrait session.  Michele Waite did such an incredible job, especially considering that we were over an hour late, and had a very strict time line.  Thanks Misha for taking such great care of us that day.

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Our Wedding Story part 4: the ceremony

Our wedding ceremony was the part of the day that I thought about the most. In the weeks leading up to it, I would daydream about the promises we were going to make and the vows we would commit to. I was so excited to become Steve’s wife, and have him become my husband in the presence of God, our family and friends.

We took a huge risk in planning an outdoor wedding ceremony in October in the Pacific Northwest. After a week of constant rain, our wedding day greeted us with gorgeous clear blue skies and crisp autumn air. To accommodate our guests in the cool temperatures, hot apple cider was served as a welcome drink as guests arrived, and pashminas were given to the ladies to keep warm. We also had packets of heat activated hand warmers to help with the cool breeze in the air.

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Our Wedding Story part 6: the reception

Although Jamie and I created the style of our wedding together as we talked through every detail, she didn’t actually see it all put together until moments before this photo was taken. Although I had done my best to describe everything that was in my head, I also wanted to surprise my bride with the most amazing reception she had ever seen. I was so excited to take her into the barn on the day of our wedding, so she could experience the details we crafted over our 10 month engagement.

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