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sinclair & moore scholarship

Can I be honest? When I announced I was going to offer 5 scholarships to people I had a fear run through me… “what if no one applies…” I actually started trying to come up with friends in the industry I could gift scholarships to in the event that no one else was interested. I […]


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buttermilk blueberry pancakes


I’ve always loved breakfast. Hands down it’s my favorite meal of the day, and I am fairly certain I could eat breakfast foods for every meal and never get sick of it. When Steve and I first started dating, a pancake breakfast was the first thing I ever made for him. And let’s be honest, […]

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real wedding: lauren and tim

I hate being late.  For anything.  Especially for anything that involves working with our clients. Yet somehow every time we met with Lauren, we were somehow late for the meeting.  Despite good intentions, and how early we left our house, we found ourselves late almost every time. Once we were tardy because we were stuck […]


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