Real Wedding: Lauren and Tim

I hate being late.  For anything.  Especially for anything that involves working with our clients.

Yet somehow every time we met with Lauren, we were somehow late for the meeting.  Despite good intentions, and how early we left our house, we found ourselves late almost every time.

Once we were tardy because we were stuck in an accident related traffic jam.  45 minutes late.

Another time there was a “suspected” hazardous spill, and every major road leading to Lauren was blocked off. I ended up getting out of the car and running a little less than a mile to try and be there on time.  30 minutes late.

Even the week of Lauren’s wedding, the (should-have-been) 10 minute drive to meet with her took close to 45 minutes.  You guessed it.  Late again.

If I had to choose one word to describe Lauren it would be gracious.  She was gracious and understanding every time we were late for a meeting… gracious when a blackberry broke on the bodice of her Vera Wang dress…and she was gracious as she considered every detail that went into her wedding, wanting her guests to feel welcomed, loved, comfortable and blessed.  Lauren is one of the loveliest, calm and sweetest bides I have ever had the opportunity to work with.  Her trust in our work combined with her gentle spirit made the 20 months of planning and designing her wedding a truly wonderful experience.

Lauren and Tim married at Roche Harbor . Their day was captured by Michele M Waite Photography. Stationery from la Happy.  And be sure to watch their awesome video created by our favorite videographer Mitch from Cabfare Productions.

Sinclair & Moore Lauren Tim 1Sinclair & Moore Lauren Tim 27Sinclair & Moore Lauren Tim 2Sinclair & Moore Lauren Tim 3 Sinclair & Moore Lauren Tim 4 Sinclair & Moore Lauren Tim 5Sinclair & Moore Lauren Tim 28Sinclair & Moore Lauren Tim 6 Sinclair & Moore Lauren Tim 7Sinclair & Moore Lauren Tim 9Sinclair & Moore Lauren Tim 8Sinclair & Moore Lauren Tim 10 Sinclair & Moore Lauren Tim 11 Sinclair & Moore Lauren Tim 12 Sinclair & Moore Lauren Tim 13 Sinclair & Moore Lauren Tim 14Sinclair & Moore Lauren Tim 15 Sinclair & Moore Lauren Tim 16 Sinclair & Moore Lauren Tim 17 Sinclair & Moore Lauren Tim 18 Sinclair & Moore Lauren Tim 19 Sinclair & Moore Lauren Tim 20 Sinclair & Moore Lauren Tim 22 Sinclair & Moore Lauren Tim 23Sinclair & Moore Lauren Tim 24 Sinclair & Moore Lauren Tim 25

Who is Sinclair?

Even before I joined the business, Steve and I had a lot of discussion and brainstorming ideas for the future of the business model and name. With the original name Steven Moore Designs solely representing Steve, there came a misunderstanding of my role once I was onboard. I was often referred to as Steve’s assistant or worse… his secretary – ahh! While I love him dearly and of course support him in every way I can, our roles within our company are very different. The name Sinclair & Moore was a joint decision to involve me as co-owner and reflect our business partnership.

Sinclair & Moore branding 1 Sinclair & Moore branding 2

Sinclair & Moore branding 3

One of the most common questions we get asked since we launched Sinclair & Moore as our new name is, ‘who/what is Sinclair?’. The short answer is that it’s me, Jamie. Sinclair is my middle name and a family name that has been passed through generations.

Sinclair & Moore branding 4 Sinclair & Moore branding 5

Sinclair was a name that I used to hate as a kid. I remember taking on my sister’s middle name and introducing myself as ‘Jamie Renée’ for a few years because I thought Sinclair was too weird. That, and I don’t think I fully understood that my middle name would be different than my sister’s. But now that I’m older, I appreciate and love the name I was given.

Sinclair & Moore branding 6

Sinclair & Moore branding 20

Sinclair & Moore branding 7

Sinclair & Moore branding 8

What makes it even cooler is that the name ‘Sinclair’ comes with its own Scottish plaid design and carries the chief proverb “Commit Thy Work To God’, which I think is such a great motto and perspective for Steve and I to have in our business.

Sinclair & Moore branding 9

Sinclair & Moore branding 10

One of our favorite parts of changing the name was rebranding with La Happy. She created a new logo, designed our website and then curated these beautiful branded pieces of stationery and marketing tools. We love how she combined letterpress techniques and foiling to create such high quality stationery. The paper is rich and thick and printing impression is nice and deep. Everything was so well executed. Steve and I wanted to elevate our client experience and investing in these pieces was a big part of that. It’s fun seeing our clients’ response when they receive their tote bag filled with goodies and beautiful planning resources. Thanks Sally for all your hard work, we couldn’t be happier with what you created!

Sinclair & Moore branding 11

Photo credit: Matthew Land Studios