Real Wedding: Kerry and Mike

This is definitely one of my top three favorite weddings I have ever been a part of. A grand staircase laced with autumn clematis… ruffly dresses tied with sashes…  crowns made of flowers… towers of macarons… wedding cakes of all sizes… hand-painted walls…. beautiful chandeliers… endless amounts of lush garden roses… this is exactly the kind of fairytale wedding little girls dream about having someday.

Kerry and Mike are friend of ours; Jamie has been good friends with Kerry since sixth grade. This wedding was one of those rare occasions that we were also guests. It was a privilege to work with Kerry and Mike to design their dream wedding, but it was an even greater honor to watch as they committed their lives to each other.

It’s been four months, and this wedding still feels surreal. There was just something magical about it that I can’t quite express with words. Kerry radiated beauty, her style was flawless and her taste was impeccable. Mike was dapper, happy and emotional (all at the same time) and clearly in love with his beautiful bride.

I remember just pausing a moment to take it all in. Creating the details of this wedding took me several sleepless nights, but it was so worth it. People like Kerry and Mike, and the kind of love they share for each other are exactly why I love my job.

Sinclair &  Moore Kerry Mike 1 Sinclair &  Moore Kerry Mike 2 Sinclair &  Moore Kerry Mike 3 Sinclair &  Moore Kerry Mike 4 Sinclair &  Moore Kerry Mike 5 Sinclair &  Moore Kerry Mike 6 Sinclair &  Moore Kerry Mike 7 Sinclair &  Moore Kerry Mike 8 Sinclair &  Moore Kerry Mike 9 Sinclair &  Moore Kerry Mike 10 Sinclair &  Moore Kerry Mike 11 Sinclair &  Moore Kerry Mike 12 Sinclair &  Moore Kerry Mike 13 Sinclair &  Moore Kerry Mike 14 Sinclair &  Moore Kerry Mike 15 Sinclair &  Moore Kerry Mike 16 Sinclair &  Moore Kerry Mike 17Sinclair &  Moore Kerry Mike 18Sinclair &  Moore Kerry Mike 19Sinclair &  Moore Kerry Mike 130Sinclair &  Moore Kerry Mike 21 Sinclair &  Moore Kerry Mike 22 Sinclair &  Moore Kerry Mike 23 Sinclair &  Moore Kerry Mike 24 Sinclair &  Moore Kerry Mike 25 Sinclair &  Moore Kerry Mike 26 Sinclair &  Moore Kerry Mike 27Sinclair & Moore Kerry and Mike 124Sinclair &  Moore Kerry Mike 28Sinclair &  Moore Kerry Mike 29Sinclair &  Moore Kerry Mike 34 Sinclair &  Moore Kerry Mike 35 Sinclair &  Moore Kerry Mike 36Sinclair &  Moore Kerry Mike 38Sinclair &  Moore Kerry Mike 122Sinclair &  Moore Kerry Mike 37Sinclair &  Moore Kerry Mike 39 Sinclair &  Moore Kerry Mike 40Sinclair &  Moore Kerry Mike 43Sinclair &  Moore Kerry Mike 42Sinclair &  Moore Kerry Mike 41Sinclair & Moore Kerry and Mike 121Sinclair &  Moore Kerry Mike 111Sinclair &  Moore Kerry Mike 100Sinclair &  Moore Kerry Mike 101 Sinclair &  Moore Kerry Mike 102 Sinclair &  Moore Kerry Mike 103 Sinclair &  Moore Kerry Mike 104 Sinclair &  Moore Kerry Mike 105 Sinclair &  Moore Kerry Mike 106 Sinclair &  Moore Kerry Mike 107 Sinclair &  Moore Kerry Mike 108Sinclair &  Moore Kerry Mike 110 Sinclair & Moore Kerry and Mike 123Sinclair &  Moore Kerry Mike 112 Sinclair &  Moore Kerry Mike 113Sinclair & Moore Kerry and Mike 122Sinclair & Moore Kerry and Mike 120Sinclair &  Moore Kerry Mike 109 Sinclair &  Moore Kerry Mike 114Sinclair & Moore Kerry and Mike 125 Sinclair &  Moore Kerry Mike 115 Sinclair &  Moore Kerry Mike 116 Sinclair &  Moore Kerry Mike 117 Sinclair &  Moore Kerry Mike 118 Sinclair &  Moore Kerry Mike 119 Sinclair &  Moore Kerry Mike 120

photography: Belathee

video: Cabfare Productions

event design and flowers:  Sinclair & Moore

monogram design and stationery: Spruce

wedding cakes: Tallant House and The Sweet Side

logistical planning and coordination: Solomon Events 

and a special thank you to Erin from Floret Flowers for growing so many of the flowers we used for this wedding, and for working all of those crazy hours with me to pump out the details of this wedding. I wouldn’t have been able to also be a guest at this wedding if I didn’t have your help that week! So thankful for you!

Deconstructed- Our French Inspired Shoot

After honeymooning in France and eating countless baguettes and macarons, I knew Steve would have no problem nailing a French flea market themed photo shoot. It was guaranteed to be très belle!

I only caught a few glimpses of him working on it, though. He’d be up late in our dining room playing with our silverware, eyeing how all the pieces would look on top of my mom’s white china versus next to it. Sinclair & Moore French shoot 1He had the idea to use mini baguettes to double as guest place cards. This was such a great idea (in theory), until we visited what felt like every bakery and grocery store in the Seattle area. We could not find baguettes that were quite right. They were either too long, too fat, or too dark in color.

We tried every place we could possibly think of, buying a lot of not-quite-right breads along the way. I think we ended up with a backseat filled with some pretzel bread, a few different types of rolls, and maybe a few croissants until we found the ones that were just right in size and in color. Magnifique!Sinclair & Moore French shoot 2 Sinclair & Moore French shoot 3 Sinclair & Moore French shoot 4 Sinclair & Moore French shoot 5Steve always says that blue is a tricky color to work with, especially when used in shades other than classic navy. He  found some antique blue and white toile patterned wallpaper that Judy of Tallant House used  to create an edible image for the beautiful toile cakes. She also made the gorgeous macarons that Steve piled high, and surely had to also ‘taste test.’Sinclair & Moore French shoot 6 Sinclair & Moore French shoot 7 Sinclair & Moore French shoot 8 Sinclair & Moore French shoot 9To round out the tablescape with a real vintage look, Jeni of Found Vintage Rentals was so kind to send up some of her antique calligraphy writings. The faded edges, scripted handwriting and aged staining on the pages gave the shoot just what it needed.

Add in the gorgeous stamped wood menus created by Sally of La Happy and her hand lettered place cards (tied to the perfect baguettes) and there you have it! Fantastique, just like I knew it would be.Sinclair & Moore French shoot 10 Sinclair & Moore French shoot 11 Sinclair & Moore French shoot 12 Sinclair & Moore French shoot 13 Sinclair & Moore French shoot 14photo credit: Matthew Land Studios

Press: Seattle Met French Inspired

It’s been nearly six years, but I still remember the day Seattle Met first asked me to style a shoot for their magazine.  I was blown away that they were interested in featuring me, and I was proud to have my work printed in a magazine; such a dream come true.  I was excited (and really nervous) to prepare that fall inspired shoot- I hardly even slept the night before.  But, I nailed it  (at least I think I did…) and then anxiously waited for the issue to hit the stands. It was such a sweet feeling of victory and success seeing my published work. That was my first magazine photo shoot, and it was a really big deal to me.Seattle Met Bride and Groom Sinclair & Moore 1Over the years, I have been blessed with more opportunities to contribute to other publications, including national features in Brides, The Knot, and Martha Stewart.  Although I am so thankful for those opportunities to have national exposure, there still is nothing quite like getting called by the ladies of Seattle Met when they ask if I want to contribute to the next issue.Seattle Met Bride and Groom Sinclair & Moore 2Seattle Met started their publication around the same time I started my business. We were new together.  When other publications wouldn’t even give me the time of day, Seattle Met took me under their wings and provided opportunity upon opportunity to contribute to their pages.  The exposure they gave me grew my business by leaps and bounds and they directly played a part in our success today.Seattle Met Bride and Groom Sinclair & Moore 3Although I no longer get as nervous and anxious for a shoot as I did that first time, I still get just as excited to collaborate with Seattle Met, and I impatiently wait for the new issue to hit the stands. Being featured with them is an honor and will always be a big deal.

Make sure to pick up their current issue to see our French inspired shoot, and check back on our blog later this week for more images of the details of this shoot.