Found Vintage Rentals

The best part of working on this shoot with Elizabeth Messina was getting to collaborate with Jeni Maus, owner of Found Vintage Rentals.  I don’t think I would have been able to get everything done if she was not there that day.  Not only did she bring the most amazing pieces from her (vast) collection of vintage furniture and props (seriously-check out her collection), but she also worked alongside me that day helping me to wire garlands, wrap bouquets, and style the different sets.  It was like racing against the clock to pump out bouquets and scenes for Messina to shoot, meanwhile trying to think like Messina and intuitively know what she wanted. I think at times we felt like we were always a step behind.  Regardless, we shared a lot of laughs and it truly made the day  and my whole experience so much fun.

Thanks Jeni for helping me feel so calm and confident that day!  So thankful for the opportunity to meet you that day, and I can’t wait until we get to work together again! sinclair & moore elizabeth messina p21 sinclair & moore elizabeth messina p22 sinclair & moore elizabeth messina p23 sinclair & moore elizabeth messina p24 sinclair & moore elizabeth messina p25 sinclair & moore elizabeth messina p26 sinclair & moore elizabeth messina p27 sinclair & moore elizabeth messina p28 sinclair & moore elizabeth messina p29

Our Wedding Story part 5: cocktail hour

While our guests headed to cocktail hour, Jamie and I took a few more photos, taking advantage of the beautiful light as the sun was setting. I remember feeling so giddy during these photos, as I kept thinking to myself “I’m married!!”

It was also great to have a few pictures taken with Jamie in her veil. Jamie’s veil was so special because her mother, Gail, and Aunt Dianne sewed it together the day before the wedding. I had run out of time, and had given up on that detail. They saved the day and sewed the lace trim by hand, stitch by stitch. It was a pretty long veil, and I knew it would take countless hours to finish. It made such a difference than just a simple cut edge and we were so thankful for the time they were willing to put into that detail.

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